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Premium hip hop beats with that golden era feel – We have only the freshest hip hop instrumentals for sale, from our team of dope professional beat makers

Authentic Sounds With Modern Production Values
If you like your rap instrumentals to remind you of the best years in hip hop, you have come to the right place. We are a team of 80's babies, who grew up on 90's sounds, using 21st century techniques to bring you the finest hip hop beats. Our instrumental beats are crafted with love, sprinkled with dusty grooves and bang with that original sound. Dig through our crates and see what gems you can find for your project today!
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Not only do we have the best hip hop instrumentals for sale, we also have a heavyweight blog resource packed with useful articles for hip hop artists of all skill levels. Use our guides on hip hop marketing, studio skills, campaign management, technology and much more to level up your hip hop career. Knowledge is power.
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