Here you will find all of the frequently asked questions about using the site.  If you have any further questions, please get in touch using the Contact Form or email us at beats [at]


How do I buy beats?

Buying beats at is easy!  Simply visit the beat store, listen to the beats in the player, and add the ones you like to your cart with the appropriate license.  Click ‘Buy Now’ at the top right hand corner of the player, then complete the checkout process using PayPal.  Once payment has gone through, the download link to your beats will be sent to you via email instantly!

I bought some beats and they haven’t appeared in my inbox!  Help!

If you have made a purchase successfully and the email containing the download links hasn’t appeared in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.  If it hasn’t appeared there either, please email us at beats [at] and we shall get your beats to you as soon as we can!


Are my payments and details secure?

For maximum security, we only accept payment via PayPal, the worlds leading online transaction company. will not sell or give your details to anyone else, however you may receive email communication from us to let you know about our latest offers, beats and blog posts.  Should you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, you can either do so by clicking the link in the email or by emailing us direct at beats [at]  To see our full privacy policy, please click here!


What is the difference between a lease and exclusive license?

Our lease licenses allow you to purchase and use our beats for your projects for a smaller fee.  The beat will still be available for others to purchase and use in a similar way, thus is not exclusive to you.  If you purchase a beat with an exclusive license, it is removed from sale from the beat store and can not be sold again.  For full terms and conditions regarding our lease and exclusive licenses, please see here.


I intend to sell more units than the licenses offer and I would like a larger license – is this possible?

Yes, this is definitely possible.  Please email us at beats [at] where we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in detail!


I received a discount coupon via email but I’m unsure where to enter it… help!

In order to use the discount coupon, click ‘MENU’ on the top left hand corner of the beat player, and then click ‘Add Coupon’ to activate your discount.


I entered my discount coupon but the discount isn’t being added?

Please note that discounts will not appear on the player, but on the checkout screen when you click ‘Buy Now’.  If the discount is still not being added at checkout, please drop us a line at beats [at] and we will look into it for you as soon as possible!


I’ve bought some beats but I no longer want to use them.  Can I swap them or get a refund?

Unfortunately due to the easily replicable nature of digital files and for our own security, all purchases are final.


Do you offer mixing and mastering services?

On occasion we do offer mixing and mastering services, however this is down to how much time we have free in that particular month.  We have a fully equipped studio using a high grade British monitoring system designed by PMC – please email us at beats [at] if you are looking to get your projects and songs mixed and we can discuss your specific requirements there.


Do you create and sell custom beats?

We do indeed – for further details please get in touch via email at beats [at]


Do you offer free beats?

Sometimes we will offer free beats via our mailing list.  In fact, when you sign up you will instantly receive 5 free beats delivered straight to your inbox.  We like to look after our regular customers, and our top customers will receive some superb deals and freebies by email!


What about if I produce content like films, TV, podcasts, web series or for educational purposes?

In that case, head on over to our Creative Commons Licenses page and fill out the form – then we can hook you up with some beats to use!


If you still have any questions, please use the contact form or email us direct at beats [at]

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